Migrant Caravan Not wanted; Guatemalan citizens confront migrants with sticks and weapons


GUATEMALA: Citizens are unhappy because for several days the Central American migrants held parties where they performed dishonest acts consuming different types of alcoholic beverages and other substances in the central park and the main streets of the municipality.

Villagers express their annoyance by arguing that they expect them to return to their country.

It was announced that it was the residents who live around the park Rubén Zúñiga de Ayutla, who are tired of seeing migrants on the street and many of them causing scandals, so they decided to run them out of town.

The events took place on the afternoon of Sunday, when around 300 hooded men carrying stones, sticks, and rockets forced migrants from Honduras and El Salvador to flee, including women with children, young people and the elderly, at the Rodolfo International Bridge Robles where they faced with demanding them to leave the municipality. 

Forced to flee, about 2, 500 migrants who were in the Park of Ayutla , Guatemala, and ran towered the Suchiate 1 entry point.

Around 3:50 pm, they reported that armed people attacked them in the park, as they were waiting to go through the Rodolfo Robles bridge to carry out the procedures for the Visitor Card for Humanitarian Reasons.

Authorities of the National Institute of Migration (INM) were forced to provide shelter to prevent people from being hurt. however, it was announced that no more people can enter the area because they have exceeded their attention capacity.

As a result of this, access to the Border Port of Ciudad Hidalgo is closed.

Source: El Sol de Mexico, Frontera.info

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