Mexican congresswoman proposes a curfew for women


The secretary of the Commission for Gender Equality of the Congress of Veracruz says that the measure would be temporary until the murders of women went down.

To put an end to the feminicide in Veracruz, a possible solution would be to put a curfew on women from 10 o’clock at night. This is the proposal of the secretary of the Commission for Gender Equality in the Congress of Veracruz, Morena party member Ana Miriam Ferráez.

“Since 2017, when gender alerts were exercised, there has been no reduction in femicides,” he said at a public ceremony, according to the Veracruz-based media specialist, Witness Purple. For this reason, he proposes to open debate so that they can not move freely at night for three months until the homicides go down, she said.

In the video posted on social networks, the civil servant can be seen talking about this issue before media questions during a public event.

Ferráez also blamed the victims for not presenting a complaint when they were attacked, in what refers to femicides in the domestic and family environment, according to the aforementioned digital portal.

Given these statements, his party colleague and president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Juan Javier Gómez Cazarín, wanted to demarcate Morena from the position of the deputy.

“On the bench of Morena there is total respect for the freedom of expression of our and our colleagues, I want to celebrate that there is a plurality of ideas. However, I am clear in this aspect: both women and men without distinction have the right to the security of traveling freely at any time, in peace and tranquility, “he said in an interview for the website .

Source: Forbes Mexico

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