Morena in Senate goes for recreational use of cannabis and anti-huachicol laws



Morena in the Senate of the Republic prepared an agenda of 15 topics to promote the next regular session, which begins on February 1, among which plans to regulate the recreational use of marijuana, toughen crimes for fuel theft and regulate the bank commissions, among others.

At a press conference, she said that even when people implicated by “huachicol, fuel theft” seek bail in the Judiciary so as not to be detained, such as General Eduardo León Trauwitz, Morena will promote legal tools so that there is no impunity, such as the Federal Law to Prevent and Punish the crimes committed in the field of hydrocarbons.

We think that the fact that some are obtaining injunctions to not be detained will not prevent them from being investigated for different crimes, it seems to me that what the president (López Obrador) is doing (against fuel theft) is a fundamental part and we will act consequently, to equip it with the correct legal instruments to face these problems “, assured Ricardo Monreal , leader of the bench.

Even though Morena’s priority is to approve the National Guard , they will also seek to approve the Citizen Trust Law, modifications to the National Code of Criminal Procedures Relating to the flagrancy in the commission of crimes, reforms in the matter of concealment and reforms in the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives.

Also reforms to the Federal Law of Electoral Offenses, the Agrarian Code, the ISSSTE Law, on Banking Commissions and the recreational use of Cannabis presented by the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero , during her time in the Senate.

There is interest that the issue of the recreational use of marijuana without being penalized or the decriminalization of the use of marijuana can be approved in this ordinary period, we are looking for all the parliamentary groups in the whole agenda to see where we can go accompanied by them “He explained.

Among other reforms that Morena is going through in the Senate , regulations are outlined for call centers, fighting against ghost companies and the reduction of prerogatives.

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