Mexico: Congresswoman proposes temporary marriage of 2 to maximum 5 years


In Aguascalientes, the initiative called the Civil Coexistence Union Contract has been presented, which foresees that the contracting parties sign a nuptial contract with a minimum of two and a maximum of five years of validity.

This proposal was presented to the Permanent Deputation as an option for girls who are forced to marry because they are pregnant and those marriages end up separating, as explained by the local deputy by Morena, Natzielly Rodríguez Calzada.

The deputy noted that this initiative is also focused on civil marriages of people of the same sex, which will include rights and responsibilities.

“Heterosexual people, but also homosexuals, will be able to accede to the law,” said Rodríguez Calzada.

In addition, the proposal provides that the renewal of union of civil coexistence has no cost.

Source: Notimex

The Mazatlan Post