City council and INAH agree on the preservation and promotion of the history of Mazatlan


Among the projects are the registration of the Historical Archive in the Public Registry Unique System, and the creation of a museum in the Municipal Pantheon Ángela Peralta

Mazatlan.- The City Council and the National Institute of Anthropology and History agree on the intentions and visions to develop actions to preserve and disseminate the culture and heritage of the municipality, assured the delegate of INAH, Francisco Ríos Avendaño.

The federal official met Monday with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and directors of municipal agencies to follow up on the renewal of a collaboration agreement between both bodies.

Among the projects that pretend are the creation of a museum in the Ángela Peralta Municipal Pantheon and the inscription of the Historical Archive in a Unique System of Public Registry of the INAH.

Others, he added, are the restoration-reconstruction of the symphonic organ of the Cathedral, the legal certainty to duly promote the first meteorological observatory in Mexico, which is in the Coppel House; the diffusion of the viewpoint of the Cerro del Vigía, the proposal to hold a thematic forum on the Law of Archives, and attend the installation of announcements in the Historic Center.

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“This is enunciative, not limiting; all that remains in the collaboration with the municipal authority to improve the conditions of the city and port of Mazatlan, “he said.

He mentioned that one of the most important projects is the rescue of the Municipal Historic Archive of Mazatlan, since there is the complete edition of the newspaper El Correo de la Tarde -of 1897-, and original minutes of the first town councils.

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Ríos Avendaño stressed that the INAH has a Unique System of Public Registry of Monuments and Archaeological and Historical Zones, which is like the Public Registry of Property, where anyone can go to see who is the owner of such property, and it is public.

As for the Ángela Peralta Pantheon, the delegate said that in the building there is a huge amount of funerary monuments of characters from the history of Mazatlan, which will be the object of restoration and the creation of a museography in the same pantheon, from now on.

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“Have the routes according to the story, the characters that are buried there. He (the Chemist Benítez) raised the possibility of doing the QR, so you scan with the cell phone and all the historical information comes out. “

On the economic resources for the projects and the start of these, the INAH delegate commented that it would not be bad to mention a number, but it would also be irresponsible, since the project is not yet there.

“Like any process of remodeling, or restoration in this case, if it is historical, it takes a process. We must do the lifting of the current state (…) Once authorized by INAH, we bring the restorers and start the restoration process, how much it will cost, depends on the damage, “he concluded.

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