Mazatlan cracking down on noise violations


During three operations in conjunction with Oficialía Mayor, the Municipal Directorate of Ecology warns eight establishments in the main commercial areas.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The discontent in neighbors by extreme noise, not only at night but also during the day, has generated rows of complaints to the Department of Ecology of Mazatlan.

According to information from Maria de Lourdes San Juan, director of this agency, so far in January has been reprimanded to eight shops during three operations in the colony Benito JuárezCentro and Centro Histórico, in conjunction with Mayoría, for the excess noise used to attract customers.

We have admonished, there is a difficulty for Ecology, the regulation does not allow us to arrive and fine immediately, we must first admonish, fortunately, we admonish, we verify later and the offender has already changed his way of handling his sound until now we have not had to fine for noise.

María de Lourdes San Juan, Director of Ecology of Mazatlán.

An average of two to three complaints are received per week for some type of noise, where residences with improper use have stood out; the last one was a residence in Lomas de Mazatlán that was used as a holiday center, he said.

Although complaints are also received by noisy neighbors, Lourdes San Juan stressed that the issue of noise by neighbors in colonies is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security, since Ecology can only operate until 19:00 hours.

Number: 8 warnings have been applied during three operations by Ecology and Senior Official.

“In the case of Ecology, we have been limiting ourselves to the issue of dealing with citizen complaints by locals that have speakers out, those operations are done in conjunction with Oficialía Mayor. occurs in the early morning, who must attend to that is Public Safety, “he said.

However, he said that it is urgent to lay the foundations with the Public Security Secretariat to resolve the issue, due to the fact that the lack of personnel delays the actions, and in some cases even though the elements take action when calling the attention to the citizenship, it lacks conscience and civic responsibility.

He added that the citizens’ complaint is indispensable to be able to act, but in areas such as the Historic Center, every Saturday, operations are carried out to regulate the volume of sounds.

Data: During the first month of administration, the Ecology Department applied three equivalent sanctions between 10 and 15 Umas (Units of Measurement and Updating) for noise, mainly in the Plazuela Machado and Lomas de Mazatlán. In December it closed the Recórcholis business.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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