Mazatlan Campaign against parking in handicap zones results in 57 fines


This week, officially 57 fines were registered against violators of handicap spaces

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For the past seven years, Mateo Solís has been battling with the presumed privilege of parking in areas determined for disability.

Injuring himself in his work as a sea worker on a boat, changed his life and that of his family.

Pure battle, one can not imagine how important it is to leave the available places for those who need them. It is not the fact of walking more, it is facilitating mobility a bit, without being heavier than it already is.

Mateo Solís.

As ruthless, he described the procedures in which they are offered an official decal about being people with disabilities, so he resorted to buying in a silkscreen this badge.


Currently the operation that was formalized from this Wednesday, has left 57 new fines to drivers who are improperly parking spaces for disabled.

In this regard, Municipal Transit deployed vigilance and prevention to enforce the Law in the state and the New Law of Sustainable Mobility.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, 57 drivers were infringed, those who parked in exclusive places for people with different capacities, in addition to blocking access ramps in the different shopping centers of the city.


These places are intended for people with disabilities, also for pregnant women.

“For convenience, to be closer to the entrance and exits of the commercial store, dozens of drivers invade these spaces or areas for people with disabilities, we call on motorists who respect these areas as marked by the Law of Sustainable Mobility and the Traffic Law in its Article 138 fractions XIII and XIV, “recalled Luis Eduardo Enciso, deputy director and commander of the Traffic Police.

In addition, denying free crossings to pedestrians, such as seniors and children, are also a cause of infraction that can generate a fine ranging from nine to 14 minimum wages.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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