Collective panic: Mexico’s wholesale markets stop amid fuel shortage


MEXICO CITY,  The Central de Abastos in Mexico City, the largest wholesale market in Latin America, has transformed from a bustling and flourishing marketplace to an anxious and devastated square since deliveries and sales considerably slow down due to fuel shortages.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador organized a plan to stanch the widespread fuel theft and advance the governments move to fight against crime and corruption.

However, the move to close down major fuel pipelines which are tapped by criminals, and reroute the distribution via trucks has resulted in hours-long queues at gas stations. If this shortage persists, the economy will crimp as well as the presidents’ popularity.

40-50% of the supply is affected. Vendors are significantly affected as customers are no longer coming. People feel like this is beyond a mere shortage. It’s becoming a collective panic.

Source: Mexico City News

The Mazatlan Post