Nightclubs are back in operation in Mazatlan


Audit all shops in the city to generate an order and do not continue with the omission of the rules.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The nightclubs closed in the operation last weekend and approached the City of Mazatlan, to regularize and only two remaining to do so, so they are already in operation again according to reports from the Mayor’s Office.

In total there were four houses massages seven bars that did not license or had expired, while others did not have the minimum security measures, said Veronica Batís Guadalupe Acosta, Chief Clerk.

All were in order, we found some areas of opportunity there were those who already approached us and the areas of opportunities are related to lack of license or operation with a single document, other licenses expired and others had no minimum security measures (… ) there are only two pending to come to clarify some issues because some did not have their license at hand but they had it, they are already in operation.

Verónica Guadalupe Batís Acosta, Senior Official

She stressed that the audit is conducted to all types of businesses, restaurants, warehouses, land, among others and that those who are missing to approach complying with the regulations will be given a period of three months.

The closed establishments were entitled to fines of 130 minimum wages, equivalent to 10 thousand 478 pesos, which have been fenced to pay, he said.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post