“Gays are a plague to exterminate,” says Mexican boxer. (VIDEO)


Darío Larralde, Mexican boxer, said that gay people are a “plague” and that’s why he supports Hitler.

“Fuck me, fucking gays … Everywhere I go there’s always a gay in the corner watching me … I know that Hitler was a bad person but in that, I do support him … I hate everything they do, everything they represent … I will never accept them. ” Darío Larralde.

Following the dissemination of the clip, users of social networks have requested the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDM), as well as the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED), investigate the case and take the necessary measures to prevent Larralde from representing Mexico in Tokyo 2020, carrying a speech full of hatred.

The reactions in social networks have been to remove the supposed selection to participate in the Mexican delegation in the Olympics in Japan and make calls to the National Commission to Prevent Discrimination.

For his part, actor Luis Gerardo Méndez described as “unacceptable” that someone like the athlete represents the country in an Olympic Games, because it is “a party that celebrates friendship, brotherhood, and inclusion.”

Source: SDP Noticias, Noticiaszmg

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