Is Mexico the best place in the world to live?


In his YouTube channel the American Ford Quarterman, detailed various points he experienced in his passage through the country to Patagonia, Argentina.

Mexico City.- Art, music, alcoholic beverages, history and above all its people, make Mexico one of the richest and most abundant countries in popular culture, despite the stereotyped recognition internationally in topics such as drug trafficking and insecurity.

Why Mexico? It is the video in which Ford Quarterman , a ‘gringo’ who has traveled aboard his truck from the United States to Patagonia, Argentina, tells his impressions of living in the country and catalogs it as the “best” to live.

In the video that was uploaded to his official YouTube account, Ford details several points in favor of Mexico “Mexicans are good farts, they are good people, super friendly and cheerful” continues “Mexico is the second happiest country in the world, everyone he smiles and jokes “, even states that he was ‘victim’ of albures.

The material of just over nine minutes, Ford Quarterman recognized the ‘struggle’ in history and the current situation in which Mexico is against the president of the United States for the issue of the border wall and who should pay for it .

The traveler you tuber lamented that Mexico suffers from negative stereotypes on the international scene, however, “when you travel a lot you realize that all countries have their charm and Mexico has a special one.”

With that video, Ford Quarterman shows that the natural diversity of beaches, jungle, desert, volcanoes and cenotes; as well as food such as tamales, the cakes drowned in Guadalajara, the cochinita pibil de Yucatán, the Mole poblano and the pozole, ‘knock’ any negative image that houses Mexico.

The shared material has more than 220 thousand reproductions and about 3 thousand 500 comments, all in favor of the criticism that a gringo makes, beyond the stereotypes and in the description he reads effusively a LIVE MEXICO CABRONES! ! .

Instagram Photos: @fordquarterman

Source: LD, Ford Quarterman

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