Los Cabos International Film Festival Starts November 7th to 11th, 2018



Los Cabos International Film Festival aims to positively contribute to the growth of global film culture, focusing especially on Mexico, Canada, and the United States while supporting their filmmakers. Likewise, it collaborates with the encouragement and diffusion of cultural activities and tourism for Baja California Sur.

This year, we seek to continue promoting an encounter dedicated to explore bold, reflexive and inspiring cinematographic proposals for international audiences.

From November 7th to 11th, 2018, Mexican, American and Canadian strategic partners, as well as friends from throughout the world, will build a platform of cultural and commercial exchange of the film scene in the beautiful Baja California Sur backdrop.

After successfully completing our selection process, the 7th edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival presents the 14 feature films that will participate within its competitive programs: México Primero and Competencia Los Cabos. These films will compete for $1,166,000 Mexican pesos in prizes.

México Primero welcomes both novel and audacious filmmakers, and more experienced ones who bring forward strong bets that span from intimate storylines to universal tales. The five films in competition range from indie intimist drama, thrillers, and the study of the labyrinthine of the human psyche, to stories tinted with traditions, magic and sensory exploration.

Competencia Los Cabos combines an eclectic and vibrant film selection, produced or co-produced by Mexico, the United States, and/or Canada. It brings aesthetically strong films with powerful narratives to Los Cabos screens, films which have been celebrated as well in the international forums where they have taken part, prior to their Mexican premiere at our Festival’s 7th edition.

We show our gratitude to the trust that the filmmakers have placed in us, which makes it possible for our competitive selection to comprise 1 world premiere, 2 continental premieres, 9 premiers in Latin America, and 1 premiere in Mexico.

The winners of Cinemex México Primero AwardLos Cabos Competition AwardFIPRESCI Award, Art Kingdom Award and Cinemex Audience Award will be announced in the course of our closing ceremony, on Saturday 10th of November, in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.


Cigüeñas (Dir. Heriberto Acosta)

Clases de historia (Dir. Marcelino Islas)

Faust (Dir. Andrea Bussmann)

Feral (Dir. Andrés Káiser)

Yo no soy guapo (Dir. Joyce García)


-Bisbee’17 (Dir. Robert Greene)

-Buy Me A Gun (Dir. Julio Hernández Cordón)

-Genèse (Dir. Philippe Lesage)

-The Great Darkened Days (Dir. Maxime Giroux)

-Lemonade (Dir. Ioana Uricaru)

-Madeline’s Madeline (Dir. Josephine Decker)

-Birds Of Passage (Dir. Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra)

-Skate Kitchen (Dir. Crystal Moselle)

-We The Animals (Dir. Jeremiah Zagar)

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