Tijuana is the best city to vacation in Mexico: World Travel Awards


Welcome to Tijuana! For the second consecutive time, this border city took the distinction, surpassing destinations such as Cancun, Merida and Mexico City.

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Tijuana, known as “the rebellious city”, becomes for the second consecutive year the best city to vacation in Mexico according to the World Travel Awards, recognized by hospitality experts that include the World Travel and Tourism Council.

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The positioning and the change in image that the city has had have been radical in recent years. Its culture, gastronomy and the arrival of industries in which it leads the national scene – like the one linked to the production of craft beer – have made it visible for a memorable vacation.


It was in the 2018 edition of the World Travel Awards, in its Mexico section, that  Tijuana took the recognition surpassing destinations such as Cancun, Mérida, Oaxaca and Mexico City.

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Tijuana is fashionable. This city, despite the negative burden it has dragged down for years, has managed to stand out by offering its visitors a unique experience. Its population, migrant in great proportion, clothes the visitor and leads him to an experience similar to that lived by those who arrived for the first time to visit and then decided to stay and live in it.


A must stop in Tijuana is undoubtedly in one of its taps rooms, full premises of local craft beers that offer a variety of nuances highly appreciated by foodies. Photo: North Brewing Co

In Tijuana it is possible to find from the highest gastronomy, with its peculiar BajaMed proposal, to its counterpart, expressed in street food; In addition to an endless party, culture, concerts, art festivals and much more.


Tijuana is also synonymous with partying. Here you will find unforgettable bars on its famous sixth street, in the center of the city. Photo: Esquivel

If you have not yet given the opportunity to this city known as the place “where the homeland begins”, it is time to immerse yourself in an adventure like no other. Its cosmopolitan elements will make you want to return to it.

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By Ángel García, Forbes

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