Consortium linked to ICA wins concession of the new aquarium in Mazatlan


An investment of 1,200 million pesos in a public-private partnership scheme is foreseen and new entrance fee of 195.00 pesos.

This was established when the ruling was revealed in Culiacán with the presence of Ricardo Morayta Martínez, legal representative of the consortium; and six advisers from the bidding companies.

In the minutes it was established that, once the concession contract was signed, the consortium will provide an economic contribution to the City of Mazatlan.

“The winning bidder must submit no later than the date on which the concession contract is signed, a bond in favor of the Municipality for an amount equal to 15 percent of the total value of the works reflected by the winning bidder of the proposal, “the document says.

However, the conditions of this contribution have not yet been established, but if this is done, the Municipality would receive around 180 million pesos, the equivalent of that percentage.

The giants, outside

The companies La Peninsular Compañía Constructora SA de CV, which is linked to the Hank Rhon family, owner of soccer teams and influence on Mexican politics, also participated in the tender; Blau Life, linked to the Carso group, by Carlos Slim Helú, one of the richest men in the world.

Also awarded were the Constructora Garza Ponce SA de CV, and Michin SAP Aquariums, of Nuevo León and Jalisco respectively.

All these were left out .

According to the public document of the bidding process, none of them submitted an economic proposal. The winning consortium did present it in time and form, although in the final stretch, in the period of expansion of purchase of bases.

Upon adjudication of the ruling, the consortium assumes control of the operation of the new Mazatlan aquarium until 2048.

Who is part of the consortium?

– Abequ SA de CV,

Specialized in architecture and commercial services

– Ocean Wise Conservation Association

Conservation partnership managed by the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada

-Constructor Makro SA de CV

Specialized in civil, hydraulic, commercial and sanitary works, its clients include Conagua, CFE, Cemex, and SCT

– Operadora Audax SAPISA De CV


Work start date: November 2018

Completion date: November 2020

Estimated charge per person: 195.60 pesos

Total investment: 1,200 million pesos

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