Mazatlan Artists will exhibit their impressions at the Art Museum


Carving wood with different types of material is one of the techniques that reflect a totally handmade work, which manages to impact the viewers through the expression of the artists.

In Mazatlan, there are 14 local artists who are preparing an exhibition, in which they hope to draw attention to what demands a great time of effort.

“I took almost 17 days in this piece and I worked like 8 hours a day, so now it’s finished and I need to inject it, pass it to paper and fabric. With this type of work we want to expose it more than anything, it is not so much the sale, but to let us know right here and that the Sinaloans have culture regarding this “, described Rofelda González, xylographer.

It is in the Art Museum, where the work of these artists is concentrated, who expect the collaboration of more interested people to improve their knowledge.

It will be on November 2 at 6:00 pm on the esplanade of the Art Museum where a show with more mobile projects will take place.

“We invite you to participate, 

In his case, Rofelda worked on a piece that expresses the bewilderment of what happened in Tlatelolco in 1968, where he projects the massacre and relates it to the lack of rest for the students.

This projection will be printed on paper and banners that will be displayed in various sites, prints to be made this Wednesday outside the Museum of Art from 10:00 hours.