Business Opportunities Mexico: You can now export through Amazon, eBay and Alibaba


ProMéxico takes you by the hand so you can export through these brands and take advantage of UPS discounts of up to 30%. All this is possible thanks to the business model called México Exporta EnUnClick.

“I always wanted to export,” says Pedro Villa, commercial manager at Konekte , a family-owned company that has been producing products such as closets, shelves or shoe boxes that save space in the home for 27 years. “The first door that I touched to make my dream of export come true was the Ministry of Economy, then Bancomext and today we are with ProMéxico .”

To be able to export over the Internet, ProMéxico created in 2017 ” Mexico Exports EnUnClick ” to help SMEs to join the great global electronic platforms such as eBay, Alibaba, UPS and recently Amazon.

In the country, Amazon has three distribution centers, all in the State of Mexico. With allies like them, you can deliver your product in two days. “Amazon opened its doors to SMEs almost 20 years ago. Today half of what we sell comes from small and medium businesses, “said Brian Huseman, Amazon’s vice president of public policy.

César Fragozo, head of the sector development unit of ProMéxico, explains that they have not made an alliance with Mercado Libre because it does not have a global platform, but its operation is per country.

Konekte markets its products in Amazon, Mercado Libre, Linio, Mira, and apart it has its own online store. Of all its sales, almost 10% are online. “The commission goes between 15% and 18% on the sale price. It also depends on the category; ours is Home, “says the commercial manager of Konekte.

In 2016 and 2017, Konekte distributed in Amazon of the United States and Canada. “We sent four products, one went very well, two more or less and one bad. Soon we will return to refurbish abroad the product that gave us good results. The commission percentages are the same as in Mexico. I recommend sending 2,000 pieces. “

Online commerce is not the future, it is the present. And we have to be there, “says the Konekte businessman. “It is not so difficult. Just make sure you have quality photographs and a good description of your products. That’s enough to enter e-commerce and achieve great benefits. Such as greater positioning of your brand and receive a better remuneration for your products “. 

Another very interesting thing that has happened to Konekte is the feedback from the end customer when they qualify you. This has served to perfect what they manufacture. “At the beginning of this year, ProMéxico gave us technical advice and we were able to improve the die-cutting processes. They have also helped us design quite a competitive packaging. In fact, we managed to position some of our products in the first places of sales in Amazon Mexico. ” 

César Fragozo points out that the role of ProMéxico is very concentrated in small and medium enterprises. All the efforts are directed to the SMEs that are the ones that need these aids to integrate successfully to global electronic commerce. “The traditional support is advice and training, participation in fairs abroad, as well as business agendas. Now, we add modern digital tools, “says the director of ProMéxico.

Mexico Exports EnUnClick has the following variables: 1) Attraction of companies that have an interest in getting on any large marketplace, a website where commercial interactions between different companies are carried out. 2) Training on how to do business through digital platforms such as Amazon or Alibaba. 3) Support in the creation or improvement of your online store; as well as in its promotion. They will give you financial resources for it.

“In the end, what ProMéxico does is help small and medium companies to export. Well, now the export is basically the cross-border that is done through any digital platform. The cross-border refers to the sale of goods in another continent, “explains César Fragozo.

ProMéxico organizes workshops in its offices distributed throughout the Mexican Republic so that entrepreneurs know how to sell on global digital platforms. To date, ProMéxico has uploaded 80 Mexican artisans to Amazon. “Specifically what ProMéxico gives you is the commercial intelligence for your business”, concludes Pedro Villa, commercial manager of Konekte.

By Estivaly Calva Tapia

Estivaly Calva Tapia
Business journalist for more than 10 years.