Waste Law for Sinaloa is approved


The Law presented by Deputy Misael Sánchez was approved.

In public session 168 of the H. Congress of the State was read and approved the opinion to the Waste Law of the State of Sinaloa, which was issued by the United Commissions Ecology, Constitutional Points and Governance which are chaired by the Deputy Party Green Ecologist from Mexico, Misael Sánchez Sánchez, and Deputy Irma Moreno.

The Waste Law for Sinaloa is approved

After announcing the law presented before the State Congress, it was time for the deputies of the LXII legislature to give their good point to the law presented by the legislator Misael Sánchez, who with these reforms seeks an important change in Sinaloa.

To the point of 11 hours in the plenary session of the H. Congress after the dispensation of the second reading and by majority passed for approval the Law of Residues of the State of Sinaloa whose object is to guarantee the right to every person to a healthy environment for its development and wellbeing, promoting sustainable development, through the prevention of the generation and integral management of the waste of special handling and urban solids, as well as the remediation of sites contaminated by this type of waste, in the State of Sinaloa .

With this standard, the construction and operation of collection centers, transfer stations, treatment plants and sanitary landfills are considered of public utility; and the remediation of sites contaminated with special handling waste and urban solid waste in the State.