Deterioration of the North Beach retaining wall


The pounding of the waves causes erosion of the beach and infrastructure, especially in the fondo del mar season.

The retaining wall that was built on the boardwalk of Playa Norte begins to show signs of deterioration.

Resultado de imagen para playa norte mazatlan

The new infrastructure of the area where the esplanades are located with velarias and exercise equipment, in addition to the swimming club of Playa Norte, was completed just a few months ago, as the project was carried out as part of the beautification works prior to the Tourism Tianguis.

It should be remembered that the previous esplanade, where there was an area for skateboarding or skating, also suffered serious damage and even collapsed and had to be demolished to avoid major risks.

In this area, the pounding of the waves is very strong and causes erosion both on the beach and in the structure of the retaining wall, which is why it is necessary for the authorities to carry out maintenance work in a constant manner to avoid the risk of collapse in the new concourses.