The first edition of the Expo Encargo 2018


The event concentrates hundreds from the business, university, associations and government sectors to discuss the potential of Mazatlan in its industrial sector.

The Expo Encargo 2018 began in Mazatlan, an effort of the business, government, camaral and university sector to promote the industrial sector.

Emilio Noé Hernández Kelly, president of Canacintra in Mazatlán, said the meeting will last until September 20, where there will be 8 keynotes, 2 panels, stands, and business meeting tables. It is expected that 200 agreements and an approximate amount of 50 million pesos will be made.

The rector of the Polytechnic University of Sinaloa, Alfredo Román Messina, pointed out that this type of event empowers the human capital of that university.

He indicated that the students, from that meeting, will be able to detect the potential of Mazatlán within the sector, especially, due to its geographical location.

The Encargo Expo will include the participation of companies from Nuevo León, Coahuila, Durango, Mexico City, Sinaloa, among others.