Los Mochis, Sinaloa underwater, do to heavy rains


The world of water overflowed drains in the city that flooded streets, boulevards, shops and houses of the colonies and subdivisions in Los Mochis.

The Mochis.- A total of 359.5 millimeters of water left yesterday the tropical depression 19-E that broke a record by virtue of which no natural phenomenon had thrown so much vital liquid in the city, this before the heavy rains and squalls.

The world of water overflowed drains in the city that flooded streets, boulevards, shops, and houses of the colonies and subdivisions, especially in the western sector.

In the syndicates the situation was similar, so the count of victims in the city and rural communities was 700 people who remain in the shelters that the authorities opened to put them safely.

Some were taken by the relief elements, but others came by their own feet.

The situation last night seemed not to diminish, since the Sevelbampo canal burst and the water went to the community of Bacaparobamo, in the San Miguel Zapotitlán syndicate.

The latest report is that the authorities were directing an operation to rescue those families who asked for help.

It was not the only problem in this receivership: The International highway, at the height of the Nuevo San Miguel, was blocked because the lane from north to south the water had risen dangerously. There was traffic only in the other lane.

In the command post, installed in the Municipal Palace, the secretary of Sustainable Development in Sinaloa, Álvaro Ruelas Echave, said that the tropical depression had left practically damaged all families ahome.

There, Sergio Liera Gil, coordinator of Civil Protection in Ahome, reported the amount of water that fell in the city, which surprised everyone present: 359.5 millimeters.

“It’s something historic”, was seconded by the General Director of Public Safety and Municipal Transit in Ahome, Carlos Alberto Ronquillo.

For that reason, it was not for less than the drain Juarez, the Zacatecas, the Alamos, that pass through the western sector, overflowed, which provoked floods in colonies and subdivisions. At times the passage through Independencia Street, at the exit to the Villa de Ahome, was interrupted.

Not to mention the streets and boulevards that were impassable. Many who dared to pass them were stranded in their vehicles.

There were points that made the crisis from early, as in the union between the Juarez drain and the Zacatecas drain, at the height of the Centennial. Here the water roared down this boulevard, which caused vehicular traffic to be suspended.

The biggest concern of state and municipal officials, in addition to the Army and Navy, was that last night there were no reports of Tosalibampo. They classified it as incommunicado, but efforts were made to reach or locate an ejidal authority or members of the emergency services.