Strategic alliance between Amazon and Mexican convenience store chain OXXO


The electronic commerce company Amazon and Mexican convenience store chain OXXO have made an alliance to enable customers to pick up sale orders at OXXO’s authorized establishments instead of receiving them at home or the workplace.

“Starting 18 May, clients will be able to make use of this service on Amazon’s branch in Mexico and OXXO will continue to increase the number of branches authorized to provide this service during the next few months,” said the spokesman for the convenience store chain, which is owned by FEMSA multinational.

Packets eligible for delivery at “Amazon at OXXO delivery points” must have a circumference of up to 1.54 meters (60.62 inches), and a weight of no more than 10 kilograms (22 pounds). The product cost must be equivalent or under MXN$1,500.

“With this delivery alternative, we show that our investment in infrastructure and alliances allows us to continue offering diverse options to our clients,” said Fernando Ramírez, leader of Amazon’s branch in Mexico.

To access the new service, clients must select a product that is eligible for the delivery points. When selecting the delivery address, the client must click the option: “Look for a delivery point near you,” enter his or her ZIP code, address, or reference point and, with that information, nearby OXXO stores should be displayed.

“When the package arrives at the selected OXXO delivery point, the client will receive an e-mail with instructions for the pick-up. Upon arrival at the store, the client must show his or her official ID, and the tracking number for the package,” added the firm.

Source: El Universal  The Yucatan Times