The incredible data of El Rosario that will make you feel proud of being Sinaloan


A young man has given himself the task of touring every magical town in Mexico and managed to collect incredible data about the people of Sinaloa.

The Magic Town of El Rosario is one of the gems that Sinaloa has for the world, and this beautiful little place is full of incredible traditions, beautiful places, talented people and recognized companies.

For this reason, we share some interesting information that you probably did not know and that will leave you full of Sinaloan pride.

  • 300 years ago, El Rosario was the most important town in all of northwestern Mexico.
  • El Rosario is the first mango producer of all Magical Towns in the country.
  • Its church was re located stone by stone by its own inhabitants
  • It is the birthplace of the oldest refreshment in the country when it was founded in 1880, managing to surpass also the world-famous refreshments: Pepsi (1893), Coca-Cola (1886).
  • Celebrate the most important religious festival in all of northern Mexico. The festivities of the Virgen de El Rosario that are celebrated every October 1st.
  • It’s the land of Lola Beltrán and the first Mexican basketball player to play in the NBA

Fer Quijano has been given the task of touring the 109 magical towns that exist in the country, so he made an obligatory stop at El Rosario. Check out more interesting facts about this beautiful Sinaloan town.