They bet on investment to attract tourism to Mazatlan


Grupo El Cid makes changes in the four hotels and subsidiaries that operate in Mazatlan, as part of the most important Tourism Tianguis in history.

Joining beautification projects that the State Government, the Federal Ministry of Tourism and the Municipality have been performing in Mazatlan, El Cid Group is pleased to announce the various projects of remodeling that have been done in the four hotels and subsidiary companies.

With this ambitious process of improvement, El Cid Resorts was prepared together with Mazatlan, to be part of what was considered the most important Tourist Tianguis in history. Among the projects remodeling and construction they were carried out include:


There was a total remodeling of the furniture, bathrooms, and whites to 100% of the rooms of the four hotels of El Cid Resorts in Mazatlan that add up to a total of 1,210 rooms and suites, which offer an avant-garde and elegant design. 


The restaurant La Alhambra and El Alcazar located in El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel were renovated with furniture, floor, and new kitchen equipment while the traditional terrace restaurant La Concha located in El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel was 100% remodeled.

Public areas

The pools of the four hotels were covered with a new and elegant mosaic, lighting was added and the pumping equipment was changed. 


The lobby of El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel and El Cid Marina Beach Hotel and Yacht Club as well as their respective bars, were renovated by the famous and multi-awarded architecture and design studio of Ezequiel Farca and Cristina Grappin, which are recognized world level for its quality, vision, timeless design and comfortable functionality that uses natural materials, elegant details and an aesthetic that are key features of the El Cid brand. 


Guests of El Cid Marina Beach Hotel and Yacht Club will be welcomed in a new lobby with aromatherapy and air conditioning system to pamper your senses in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Related image

Club Elite

To pamper all our guests who have an Elite all-inclusive plan, this elegant and comfortable place was created in El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel. On this site, our guests can check in, check out, taste delicious canapés and refreshing drinks, enjoy a space to watch your favorite movie or check your mail in one of our internet computers.