Tacos made with love in La casa del Cimarrón – Where to have breakfast in Mazatlan


When someone does things with love it shows, and since you arrive at Casa del Cimarrón you feel welcome and if you are looking for where to have breakfast in Mazatlan it is an excellent option

We arrived at this cart located in the back of Soriana del Toreo (formerly Giant) because I once saw a post on Facebook about it and I could not stay with the desire to try their tacos of meat that you can not find as commonly as the veal, the chamorro, heart, rib, rabbit (did not have), the sheep (had just finished) in addition to the most popular as chorizo and chicharrón that you can accompany with a consomme of lamb if you have cold or raw. But he told us that on weekends he prepares more stews and in greater quantity.

The tacos each cost 20 pesos and the water 6 pesos. The variety of sauces and their flavors are a good complement to the tacos.

If you are looking for a new place to have breakfast every once in a while or daily, La casa del cimarrón is a good option, it has tables or you can sit on the cart to listen to its owner tell you about how it started, as well as other stories that emerge while serving consommés or prepare the tacos for the other diners of the place.


It is always nice to know places where you leave smiling for good food, good service and stories of the place.

Where is the house of the cimarron?

The house of the cimarron is located on the street Rodolfo Gaona in the back of Soriana El Toreo and are open from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Where do you like to eat tacos in the morning in Mazatlan?