Mazatlan’s The Coffee Gringo


My quest for good coffee in Mazatlán Mexico brought me to the least expected place – Loro de Oro Inn, in the heart of Mazatlan’s historic Old Town.

Tony’s Chiapas coffee beans

Tony’s coffee blend is a custom mixture of three different beans and exclusive to Tony. They come from the southeasternmost corner of Mexico, near the border of Guatemala and the small picturesque town of San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapas, Mexico.

The small farm producer/roaster he buys from has customized this very special blend for him. These beans consist of only the finest highest-grown under-shade natural Mexican beans available. They are all organic and certified to be grown above 1100m, and most of them come from above 1400m in the strict high grown (SHG) areas.

All are of a specialty quality Arabica with an SCAA rating above 84. For Tony’s custom blend, ninety percent of the beans are Arabica Tipica, and ten percent are Arabica Bourbon. They truly are fine Mexican coffee beans, all of which have been grown under high mountain jungle shade.

The result is a coffee flavor described by the producer as analogous to a good light white wine, delicate in body with a pleasantly dry acidy snap.

Tony’s decaffeinated coffee

Caffeine intolerant coffee lovers who brew and drink Tony’s decaffeinated beans are exceptionally pleased with the rich flavor retention of the roasters process. After all, that’s what decaf drinkers are all about- rich, full, and aromatic flavor in a cup of coffee, without the caffeine.

Tony said that the decaffeination is accomplished by using a unique and natural process, and are free of any chemicals whatsoever. It uses the clear, pure water from the glaciers on the highest peaks in Mexico, the Pico de Orizaba. In the process, the green beans are immersed in water to extract the caffeine.

The water holds the soluble components of the coffee beans, which contains the elements of the flavor so during the extraction of the caffeine, the beans maintain their original components. The water is then passed through a special filter that removes the caffeine. This results in charged water saturated with the flavor components but free of caffeine, which is used again in the extraction process.

The Mountain Water Process is like the Swiss Water Process, which is probably the most famous name brand in decaffeinated coffee, and interestingly, is only done in British Columbia, Canada. This mountain water process is in great contrast to the volatile solvent method commonly used to extract caffeine and is later sold separately from the coffee.

Where can I get some? = Mazatlán, Mexico

Tony resides in the Historic Centro District of Old Mazatlán and is passionate about a great cup of coffee. He and his wife Lucy run a small boutique hotel near the historic town square of Plazuela Machado.

A few years ago, he ran across this small farmer from the Mexican state of Chiapas. Tony knew that this area is where some of the best coffee beans in the world are grown. He was so impressed with the beans and the processes that he decided to start making them available to guests of his small boutique hotel, as well as a few friends and acquaintances.

The custom blend is a perfect dark roast. They are not roasted to the point of burning the beans or compromising the unique aspects of the bean mixture.

These fresh organic beans have an aromatic explosion so great that when you open a bag, your olfactory sense immediately perks up. In that instant, you know you’ve got a quality coffee product.

For Tony, making this special blend of coffee available is more about getting some stash for his personal use for free, than it is a money-making enterprise. There is no shop or storefront associated.

Loro de Oro Inn

That said, if you’re planning to be in Mazatlán and want to experience the finest coffee available from the high country in southern Mexico, he’s happy to oblige. He sells this exclusive custom blend by the kilo (2.2lbs) for the incredible price of 219 pesos. That’s less than $5.00 a pound.

There’s no better deal anywhere in Mazatlán for coffee. (or perhaps anywhere!). He will also grind them up for you for 25 pesos. A kilo is a hefty amount to consume in a short visit to Mazatlán, but I always make room in my suitcase to take some home.

Shipping is available but only within Mexico. Tony’s coffee always sells out and he typically restocks in a reasonably short time frame. I recommend contacting him before a visit to the magical city often referred to as “The Pearl of the Pacific.”

Putting in an order ahead of time isn’t a bad idea if you want to guarantee yourself access to this very special blend only available through “Tony’s Coffee.”

He can be reached through his website for the boutique hotel The Loro De Oro Inn- Centro, Mazatlán or by his USA telephone. 714-798-7994. Meanwhile, those who live in the U.S. and can’t get to Tony’s may want to get the Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee delivered to your home in two days (if you are a Prime member).

Article by Jed Vaughn