Mocorito, a safe municipality for tourists and inhabitants


Mocorito is one of the safest municipalities in Sinaloa, according to the deputy director of Public Safety and Municipal Transit , Óscar Luis López Sotelo , who verified what has been said consulting recent statistics.

The Magical Town presumes that for about more than a year it has not had a complaint of a house robbery or something of the kind, either in the municipal seat or in the rancherias

“Fortunately Mocorito is a very quiet municipality, proof of this is that in terms of robberies we have a lot of time that is not presented and that can be seen in the digital platform Semáforo Delictivo MX, which contains seven crimes of major impact.

This speaks very well of the municipality and the behavior of citizens, more because we have the hallmark of Magic Town and that gives us a guarantee that a good number of tourists, without fear, come to visit Mocorito and take a good picture.

As for livestock, if there is any, we do not have reports that cows and calves are being stolen, since the prosecutor’s office has not sent us a document that tells us that in the municipality they are carrying out an investigation because of a fact of this nature.

The traffic light indicates that in the month of May we had four homicides, but these, fortunately, did not occur in the urban area but by the international highway Mexico 15 and the Benito Juárez highway, in busy stretches of roads in the south of Mocorito. They border with Culiacán, Navolato, Badiraguato, and Angostura assures Óscar Luis Lopez Sotelo.