Red Petroil accuses Culture of conflict of interest over the Lighthouse: Mayor


Red Petroil Group has accused the Mazatlán Institute of Culture of using audiovisual equipment in favor of the Patronato en extinction del Parque Natural El Faro, which it considers a possible conflict of interest because Verónica Rico, in charge of communications for the IAP, is the daughter of Raúl Rico González, director of the paramunicipal, said Mayor Édgar González Zataráin.

However, he clarified that at the moment they are only rumors (lending equipment), since such an accusation has not been proven, and the case will even be passed on to the Internal Control Body.

“I talked to Raúl, he tells me that no, he is unaware of this issue, which is obviously not true; however, there is a complaint in that sense from the businessman (Amado Guzmán) there is a complaint in that sense because he has been told that and we must be careful,” he said.

He added that if this is proven, the OIC would have to proceed.

“Many times it is not the director himself who has control of that, it is the area heads, so if that is true, then obviously the Internal Body will proceed, it is a rumor at the moment,” he added.

Loaning equipment

The first mayor said that the Institute has always been asked to avoid getting involved in activities outside its purpose, since it is very common for it to loan equipment, facilities, even personnel for external work.

“That has always happened in Culture, there they use the facilities improperly, I hope that this is not the case, because the facilities should not be used for any of that, to intervene in a conflict we have asked that they avoid using equipment as much as possible, I am not only talking about audiovisuals, Culture has everything, on many occasions there are people, schools that ask you for a stage for a dance, that ask you for fences, that ask you for equipment, so that we are very careful and keep a very rigorous control,” he added.

These accusations are made in the context of the dispute over the Crestón hill, which, upon becoming part of the port area, was granted a surface area of ​​60 square metres for the construction of the zip line promoted by the Red Petroil group, owned by businessman Amado Guzmán, a situation for which the Board of Trustees of this natural park disclaimed its social responsibility after six years of work, as it did not find its conservation objectives compatible with this tourist project.

Source: elsoldemazatlan