Ouch! Foreign transport is on the rise, here are the new rates


A complicated panorama is looming for users of intercity transport in Mazatlán and Concordia, since the transport sector increased fares, starting in mid-2024.

For a few days now, news of the increase, which was made official on July 1, began to circulate among the population. This adjustment implies an average increase of five pesos on the route from Concordia to Mazatlán and vice versa.

The announcement of the increase, which in some cases is 10 pesos and in others five, indicates that, starting July 1 of this year, the new price of the ticket is implemented.

These new rates are supported by Autotransportes Rojos Concordia SA de CV, Autotransportes Regionales y Halcones, and the Sociedad Cooperativa Río Presidio.

It is important to note that the discounts will be applied only upon presentation of the INAPAM card, a credential that accredits as a teacher or a student credential, as well as to senior citizens.

These increases are due to the gradual increase in the cost of fuel since the end of 2022.

These are the prices of long-distance transport:
Concordia – Mazatlán: 60 pesos
Concordia – Villa Unión: 40 pesos
Concordia – Malpica: 20 pesos
Malpica – Villa Unión: 20 pesos
Malpica – Mazatlán: 50 pesos
Mazatlán – Castillo: 15 pesos
Mazatlán- Santa Fe: 15 pesos
Mazatlán- Termo: 15 pesos
Mazatlán- Zapote: 20 pesos
Mazatlán-Bodeja Roja: 20 pesos
Mazatlán- Vainillo: 30 pesos
Mazatlán – Airport: 30 pesos
Villa Unión – Mazatlán: 35 pesos
Villa Unión – Airport: 20 pesos
Villa Union – Bodeja Roja: 25 pesos
Villa Union – Castillo: 30 pesos
Villa Union – Flor de Mayo: 15 pesos
Short rides: 13 pesos
Teachers, students and senior citizens:

Concordia – Mazatlán: 50 pesos
Concordia – Villa Union: 30 pesos
Villa Union- Mazatlán: 30 pesos

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