Apartments are up to 40 percent cheaper, which is why the port is attractive


The president of the National Association of Real Estate Professionals, Ismael Tirado, said that Mazatlan has captured the attention of international investors, especially those from California, Phoenix and other southern states of the United States.

He stressed that compared to other sun and beach tourist destinations such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Cancun, Mazatlan offers significant advantages in terms of real estate investment.

He pointed out that currently the prices of apartments and condominiums in Mazatlan are between 20 percent and 40 percent lower than in other tourist destinations; this difference in costs has been a crucial factor in attracting investors.

“What happens is that the presidential tourist market is the apartment or house for enjoying the beach; They are looking for and wanting Mazatlan as a destination, because apart from the fact that the prices are affordable compared to other destinations such as Los Cabos, Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Cancun, we are much lower,” he said.

He indicated that investors are looking for the best prices so that the capital gains continue to grow and generate a return on their investment.

The culture, the gastronomy and everything that Mazatlan offers as a tourist brand, despite this still needs to improve in attracting international flights and in the offer of amenities, the growth of the real estate sector is extremely notable.

“Mazatlan is very desired by people who live in cities such as Culiacan, Los Mochis, Durango, Torreon, Tijuana, cities in the United States who work there, and since they earn in dollars, they spend them in pesos and it is costing them very little,” he said.

The president of AMPI highlighted that foreigners not only see Mazatlan as a place to vacation, but also as an investment opportunity, since many acquire properties to live for long periods and then They return to their place of origin, so while they rent their properties in the port.

Source: elsoldemazatlan