Mazatlan hosted the first ‘Song Camp’ for music composers


Hand in hand with conferences and advice from great composers of Mexican music, this event was held

MAZATLAN. – With the intention of helping new composers, the first “Song Camp” of the Composers expo was held under the organization of the outstanding Tulense composer, Raúl Jiménez Escoto, to support all composers from the lowest to the highest level. .

Jiménez Escoto expressed that groups of three will be carried out, where the most important composers of Mexico will be present, who help advise the new generations that seek to climb within the world of music.

“The support given to young people is to promote their songs so that the kids start to have some recordings, that is undoubtedly great support for all of them,” said the prominent composer.

He informed that it is important that the new generations learn from the experiences of others, and from there take tools.

Within the framework of this event, different conferences were given so that the boys obtain more knowledge and security when promoting their themes, composition dynamics, face-to-face events and direct interaction.

Composers of the stature of César Benítez, who is a music producer currently working with Gloria Trevi, Ariel Barreras from Sinaloa, as well as Miguel Beas, Roberto Belester Jr, Juan Diego Sandoval and Mario Martínez were present at the event.

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