Very clean! Cleaning efforts on the Mazatlán boardwalk are being stepped up in anticipation of the arrival of tourists this summer

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In order to guarantee a good urban image and before the start of the summer vacation period, the Municipal Public Services Department has redoubled its cleaning actions in the main tourist attractions such as the boardwalk and the monuments of the coastal walk.

Karla Camacho Guzmán, head of the area, reported that the sidewalk of the boardwalk is washed twice a month, however, during this vacation period when the massive arrival of tourists is expected, a reinforcement of washing is done with the Urban Cleaning Department of Mazatlán, two days a week, which also includes attention to the garbage containers that are located along the coastal walk.

“Right now for the vacation period we are preparing with the washings so that we create a good image and above all a washing is done with the Urban Cleaning Department, in which, two days a week, the bases of the garbage containers are scrubbed with a brush.”

In the case of the monuments and photo stops, the director of Public Services recalled that they are washed every third day, sometimes using degreaser near the garbage containers.

Karla Camacho added that these actions are normally carried out by a team of park and garden workers who operate a pressure washer and brushing equipment, who begin this work at 4:00 in the morning so that at 6:00 the boardwalk is already free and clean for people who exercise early on the Mazatlán boardwalk.

Source: lineadirectaportal