Mysterious Anomaly Appears Again in Sinaloa: Real Phenomenon or Technical Glitch?


A new phenomenon has captured the attention of internet users in Sinaloa, where a strange anomaly has been reported in the region. The event was shared on TikTok, where several users have posted videos of the peculiar incident.

The video that has generated buzz shows an image taken in northern Sinaloa, which shows a circular aura covering areas from Baja California Sur, Los Mochis, Culiacán, and Ciudad Obregón.

According to data from the Ventusky weather radar, this supposed anomaly is producing unusual precipitation in the area.

The anomaly was initially detected on Saturday afternoon, June 22nd, and continued until Sunday, according to TikTok content creator @farxplay.

Adding to this information is another video published by account @ac.tf3, which mentions the detection of a new anomaly on Thursday, June 27th, using the Windy meteorological app.

Despite the impact these videos have had, some users suggest that the image of the anomaly might have a simpler explanation: a possible error in the application or weather radar. Similar cases have occurred previously, such as the supposed electromagnetic phenomenon registered on June 23rd in the state of Guanajuato, which also turned out to be a technical glitch.

Despite these explanations, the videos have sparked a strong debate on social media. Many users have started theorizing about possible conspiracies behind these anomalies, including the theory of a machine controlling the weather.

Source: Debate