Three tourists arrested in Mazatlan for not complying with beach restrictions


Civil Protection personnel made a tour of the communities, and ejidos of the port of Mazatlan, to verify that people are abiding the federal government instructions and staying at home.

“The civilians who were seen around the beaches, were asked to please retire to their homes, in the kindest way,” said Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, coordinator of Civil Protection Mazatlán.

The official mentioned that about 70 families that were “hanging out”, were asked to please retire to their homes in the different ejidos and communities.

Without any trouble, they all agreed to leave and went straight home.

“We did not have any problem in these places, as people took the directions calmly. However, there were three young tourists from Mexico City, who were told three times to get out of the ocean, and as they kept ignoring the authorities’ orders, they had to be detained, and as they even showed a bit of resistance, they were arrested and placed under the custody of the corresponding authorities”, the official said.

The event took place at the beach of Olas Altas, around noon.

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The Mazatlan Post