Privatization of the Lighthouse is a lie, clarifies the Mayor of Mazatlán


The Mayor reported that Cerro del Crestón, where the Lighthouse is located, is under the jurisdiction of ASIPONA and will keep it open with better maintenance


The Mayor of Mazatlán, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, said that the privatization of Cerro del Crestón, where the lighthouse is located, is a lie, and it will be up to the Federal Government to maintain it and leave it better than before.

This after the demonstration that dozens of people made from Olas Altas to Paseo del Centenario, demanding to stop the construction of the zip line and requesting that the hill be proposed as a Protected Natural Area.

“The issue of the lighthouse, they say that it is privatized when it is a lie, why didn’t they say that when the bridge was there? It was not privatized, one thing is to take care of the bridge, to charge for going up, but not to charge for going up to the lighthouse, before they charged for the bathrooms, today they are not going to charge, it is the other way around,” he declared.

He reiterated that the privatization of the Lighthouse is a myth, a lie, only that it became the jurisdiction of the National Port System Administration, ASIPONA, in Mazatlán.

González Zataráin pointed out that there must be coordination between government institutions, especially in an area like the Lighthouse, which in addition to serving as a guide for boats, serves as a recreational, sports and tourist space.

“We have to coordinate between government, state and federal institutions, I am not going to fight with the federation for an issue that does not have any meaning, I do not see the point in protesting against it,” he said.

The Mayor of Mazatlán said he is in favor of the demonstrations and expressions of dissatisfaction, especially the complaints by the corresponding legal bodies, however, he is against any attack on private property.

About a week ago, the director of ASIPONA in Mazatlán, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón, explained that Cerro del Crestón has become federal jurisdiction and that they will be in charge of reforesting, caring for and maintaining it.

She argued that the place remains open to the public and that they are currently reviewing the state of the glass viewing platform and maintaining the bathrooms.

Once the improvements are finished, the viewing platform will be open to the public again, while people can go up without any problem as they do constantly.

Source: punto