Many Events Coming to Mazatlán; Some Without Permits


During the summer vacation and upcoming months, there will be several concerts and shows in Mazatlán, according to Mayor’s Office official, Rogelio Olivas Osuna.

He stated that requests for permits have been submitted for Julio Preciado and Jorge Medina’s concerts in July, as well as Christian Nodal’s concert in August. Additionally, Belly and Beto will also be performing in August, and they have already submitted their permit application since they are working with a new company that does not owe the municipality any money.

However, Flans and Pandora have been promoting their November show without permission, and despite not having the municipal government’s approval, they have already started selling tickets. As a result, they will be visited by authorities and may even have their ticket sales suspended if they fail to submit the necessary permit.

Luis Miguel’s September concert has had its permits in order since last year, when it was first announced.

According to city regulations, all events held within the municipality must submit a permit application and promote themselves before selling tickets. The documents are typically submitted one or two months prior to the event, along with a plan for civil protection and private security requirements.

The mayor’s office also receives an 8% fee from each ticket sold, as per law, recognized Olivas Osuna.

Source: Debate