The forecast predicts rain for Mazatlán tonight and early tomorrow morning.


This is due to the presence of cloud bands and moisture from the Pacific Ocean.

On Monday, which is Saint John’s Day, a significant part of the municipality of Mazatlán, especially in the urban area, could experience precipitation, according to Mazatlán Disaster Prevention.

The forecasts indicate that there is a high likelihood of rain during this afternoon and until early Tuesday morning due to the development of storms. These rains may extend to other municipalities in Sinaloa.

The cloud bands and moisture from the Pacific Ocean are contributing factors, resulting in light to moderate drizzles in the port area. As a precaution, it is recommended to avoid exposure to storm effects, especially in areas identified as dangerous or at risk of flooding. Staying indoors is advised.

These rain showers are typical of the rainy season, which began on May 15. Recently, the first hurricane of the Atlantic season made landfall for the second time, causing cloud formations that resulted in rain in Sinaloa on June 20.

Source: Luz Noticias