Truck rescued at sea in Mazatlán


Members of the Aquatic Police Corps were alerted about the presence of a Toyota Highlander truck in the sea

Una camioneta Toyota Highlander fue rescatada en el mar, cerca de la playa El Delfín, en la ciudad de Mazatlán,. Foto: Especial

A recent model Toyota Highlander pickup truck, with no people on board, was rescued at sea near El Delfin beach in the city of Mazatlan. It is not known how the vehicle arrived at that location, so its serial number is being compared to identify its owners.

Members of the Aquatic Police Corps were alerted to the presence of a recent model vehicle that was hit by the waves and had its front and rear fenders torn off, so with the help of a crane they managed to get it out.

Upon checking its interior, no person was found, nor any documentation that would allow the identity of the owner to be verified, so it was put at the disposal of the traffic authorities to compare its serial number.

One of the versions that exists is that the Toyota pickup truck, due to some kind of accident, fell into a nearby river whose current dragged it into the sea, so that with the force of the waves it came close to Delfines beach, where it was located.

The Mazatlán Public Security Department has no prior reports of any type of traffic accident in which a van has disappeared, so investigations are continuing to clarify how the Highlander ended up in the sea.

Source: eluniversal