It could be inaugurated on September 15: reconstruction of the Casa del Marino is 70% complete


Mayor Édgar González Zataráin pointed out that the investment for this project, which will be a museum with a maritime theme, has an investment of almost 74 million pesos

Casa del Marino avanza en un 70%

The reconstruction of the Casa del Marino, on Paseo Claussen in Mazatlán, is 70 percent complete and could be ready for its inauguration on September 15, said Mayor Edgar González Zataráin.

After a tour he made on Monday, the mayor said that the work is practically finished, only a few details are missing and the installation of the ducts for the air conditioning, as well as windows very appropriate for what will be the museum related to maritime life.

“They have 70 percent of the work done, the engineer tells me about the progress. The rest will be finished by September 15 at the latest, the goal is for Sedatu to be able to inaugurate it on those dates more or less. Some say, the person in charge of the work brings, that it could be at the end of August when they finish it, but well, let’s give it a few more days.”

He mentioned that the work was scheduled to start on August 22 of last year, but did not start until October or November, and this delay was due to a situation between the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) and the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

The mayor stressed that the new Casa del Marino meets the dimensions of the previous construction, with a similar facade and added that this space will become a museum with a theme of maritime life, which will strengthen the cultural dynamism that Mazatlán brings.

He commented that they also began with the rehabilitation of the Fort 31 de Marzo, a space that is located in the back of the Casa del Marino.

The work on the Casa del Marino, the sports unit in the Urías neighborhood, the plaza and the skate park in Flores Magón, as well as the Community Development Center in the Juárez neighborhood, are being carried out with the Urban Improvement Program of the Federal Government, with an investment of 290 million pesos.

Source: lineadirectaportal