The port of Mazatlán closes May with 78,248 vehicles operated


The Maritime Terminal of Mazatlán closed in May with a cumulative total of 78,248 vehicles, surpassing the 45,327 operations recorded during the same period in 2023, as reported by Jesús Rigel Sánchez Garzón.

The head of the Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fisheries in Mazatlán specified that in terms of imports, the cumulative from January to May totaled 75,826 cars, while exports remained at 2,423 vehicles. This represents a growth in operations related to the automotive industry of 172.62 percent in the port.

“We maintain constant communication with the Administration of the National Port System of Mazatlán and in a review of the statistics on the movement of car ships that they shared with us, we saw that as of the end of May 2024, there was an increase in the movement of car ships compared to 2023. This is good for Mazatlán because it generates jobs and demands more space for the storage of these vehicles, which are opportunities for generating economic spill-over,” commented the secretary.

He pointed out that the brands importing their vehicles through the Mazatlán port are General Motors, Saic Motor, Nissan, Chirey, Kia Mexico, Suzuki, Hyundai, and Chery. The Asian market predominates among the brands that generate the highest number of operations in Mazatlán. Finally, in terms of exports, he noted that only Nissan and Toyota have registered movements. It is expected that once the industrial parks currently under construction are opened, this sector will rebound as there will be better conditions for storing and moving these vehicles

Source: Debate