Special surveillance operation is being prepared on beaches for the summer vacation period in Mazatlán


The areas with the highest concentration of bathers will have more officers thanks to the new agents, the municipal president announced that they plan to carry out an operation

Reforzarán operativos de seguridad en temporada de vacaciones de verano

Surveillance in the beach areas of Mazatlán will be reinforced with the beginning of the summer vacation period, and in light of the case that occurred on Saturday where an element of the Aquatic Police was injured with a knife, the agents must redouble their self-care.

This was announced by the municipal president Édgar González Zataráin, who commented that a special operation is already planned to protect those who come to enjoy the sea during the holidays.

In addition to this, he said that the security of the same municipal agents who are in charge of the coastal strip will also be reinforced, since unfortunately there are altercations with some people who do not want to follow the recommendations provided by the aquatic rescue police, even going so far as to beat them, or as in the case that occurred this Saturday, where an element was injured with a knife.

“All the more reason we have to put more security in the summer and a lot of surveillance. We are preparing for that; in fact, with the new elements the secretary can already put a lot of people in the area, especially the one with the greatest accumulation, the greatest agglomeration. We have to carry out the summer operation, just like we do during Easter, during Carnival, this is the summer operation.”

For this reason, he said that measures will be taken so that municipal police officers are on constant patrol in the areas and prevent this type of aggression from occurring.

He specified that there are currently 196 new elements in the Aquatic Police, with which the most crowded areas can be reinforced, in addition, he commented that 3 new booths will also be built for municipal lifeguards, which will be larger and where there will be preventive agents to reinforce the security of each place.

Source: lineadirectaportal