They permanently close U-turns from Avenida del Mar in Mazatlán and build planters 


The objective is to reduce road accidents on the coastal promenade and improve roads, justifies the mayor 

Mazatlán, Sin.- Six road U-turns that were provisionally closed with pots on Avenida del Mar, will be permanently closed and for this purpose the construction of planters or garnishes began. 

The objective is to reduce road accidents that have been occurring at them, as well as to improve mobility in the coastal zone of the port, explained the municipal president Édgar González Zataráin. 

After the works began on Friday afternoon, at the height of the Palos Prietos neighborhood, by public works personnel, the mayor said that with a minimal investment.  

     “Those that are going to be close are the ones with the greatest number of accidents, because since you don’t have a U-turn to turn around, you stop traffic, you stop dead, and they hit you from behind”. 

The mayor stressed that the most used returns on the boardwalk will remain open for motorists. 

He reiterated that the strategy is carried out for Mazatlán to evolve to a better road design, similar to that of large cities that have more fluid mobility with spaced U-turns on important avenues. 

He recalled that, of the entire state of Sinaloa, this city is the one with the greatest problem of road accidents, so measures are being taken to mitigate this incidence. 

  Source: Linea Directa