Tourist from Aguascalientes is rescued from drowning by lifeguards from Mazatlán 


With the support of paramedics from a private clinic, the man received first aid and was later taken to a hospital where he remained under medical observation. 

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Minutes of anguish were experienced on the beach when a tourist was able to be rescued in time and had to be given CPR. 

And it is that, thanks to a timely intervention, the elements of the Aquatic Police of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, managed to save a man from Aguascalientes who had difficulty getting out of the sea. 

The report alerted the lifeguard personnel located on the Gaviotas Beaches when they saw that there was a person being pulled into the open sea, so they entered to swim to rescue him. When they were in the area, they made contact with the person to keeping floating while support from the jet sky arrived so they could put him on dry land and provide him with the corresponding care.  

The person, whose generals were not obtained, received CPR maneuvers in the beach area while paramedics from a private clinic arrived to take him to receive medical attention. 

The tourist remained in the clinic under medical observation. 

Given the situation, the Coordinator of the Aquatic Police Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, ordered the reinforcement of the routes to avoid future alert situations. 

  Source: Linea Directa