Due to the heat, the number of cruise passengers that go down to the port decreases 


Mazatlán, Sin.- In this hot season, the number of cruise passengers who get off the tourist boats that arrive in the city has decreased. And it is that with a temperature of 33 degrees and a thermal sensation that reaches up to 47 degrees, visitors prefer to stay on top of the ships. 

Gerardo Osuna, a certified tourist guide, confirmed that the weather plays an important role in these months of July and August, since the tourists who come on board resent the hot weather and prefer not to be exposed to the sun. 

“The heat is a factor that does not help, there are many tourists who prefer to stay on the ship, currently only 40 percent go down, when at other times more than 80 percent of the visitors, between passengers and crew, walk around the city,” he explained. 

Although most tourists know the blue line that is drawn along the street from the maritime terminal to the Center, to guide them in their walk through the port, currently shipping tourists avoid walking, so they take their tours in tourist vehicles. 

The “Carnival Panorama” has arrived 

The places with the greatest influx, such as the Historic Center, the Malecón, the City Center, among others, were seen with fewer walkers this Wednesday when the tourist cruise “Carnival Panorama” arrived, with 4,878 passengers and a thousand 414 crew. 

The certified guide assured that in this low season, Mazatlán receives around six cruises a month and that it will be in October when the activity will be reactivated again. This week only the arrival of the “Carnival Panorama” was scheduled. 

“This decrease in the influx of cruise ships has negatively impacted the economy of the workers in the area, who depend to a large extent on the tourist influx for their livelihood, we look forward to the high season because now does not help much,” he concluded. he. 

 Source: El Sol de Mazatlan