Arizona couple get engaged at the Gran Acuario Mazatlán Mar de Cortés 


Giovannie wanted to ask for Morgan’s hand in a spectacular and unforgettable way and he chose the Mazatlán venue for it 

On a journey of more than 1,500 kilometers from Arizona to Mazatlán, Giovannie organized a vacation trip with their families, with the aim of living together and learning about the beauties of this Mexican Pacific destination, but also to commit to Morgan. 

After 6 years of dating, Giovannie wanted to ask for Morgan’s hand in a spectacular and unforgettable way, and he choose the Gran Acuario Mazatlán Mar de Cortés for it. 

After touring a large part of the venue and during the divers’ exhibition, the hostess in her interaction with the audience asked one of those present to share their experience, everyone began to shout “Giovannie, Giovannie!”, who got up, he walked up to the microphone and asked Morgan to stand up. 

At that moment, the divers displayed a sign with the phrase “Will you marry me?” and Giovannie knelt down, and with a ring in her hands and looking into her eyes, he asked her if she wanted to marry him. 

Morgan could not contain her tears, and with great emotion she said “yes”, the applause and the hullabaloo of the hundreds of attendees and their families filled the venue, in one more story that will remain tattooed on the walls of the Gran Acuario Mazatlán Sea of Cortez. 

This Wednesday, Giovannie and Morgan write a new story in this venue that is filled with joy at being able to be part of this love story. 

Like any other day, the families went to the Great Aquarium to enjoy, live together and learn how the species of the Sea of Cortez live, but it was not a normal day for Giovannie and his fiancée. 

 Source: Noreste