The remodeling of beach access begins in Mazatlán


The mayor of Mazatlán stressed that the urban image of the city must be improved as soon as possible and given a total beautification since the port lives on tourism

MAZATLAN. – Improving the urban image of Mazatlán is one of the main tasks of the current municipal administration, since the growth of the port itself demands it, said the mayor Édgar González Zataráin during the start ceremony of the works to rehabilitate three beach accesses of the port.

From Sábalo Cerritos avenue, on the corner with López Portillo, next to the Hotel Torres, the mayor said that an investment of 8 million pesos is estimated.

“It is important because Mazatlán lives on tourism, it is our image, it is what we sell and we have to balance, without leaving the neighborhoods aside and solving their basic problems, serving them, but not neglecting this,” he said.

“It is a total of 10 accesses that this year we set out to build, some will be rebuilt, because they will have bathrooms with the same design and style. The others are about to go to the committees” said González Zataráin.

He mentioned the commitment is that the bathrooms are kept clean and do not deteriorate.

“For that, someone will be assigned and they will might make a living from there if necessary, so that bathrooms will not deteriorate, because then the administration takes them over and because they want to cover everything, things remain, that is why the participation of the patronages, who adopt an area».

He shared that part of these investments to improve the urban image is the beautification of gardens, avenues, sidewalks and roundabouts.

From June to December, the goal is to decorate more than 20,000 meters of grass on the main avenues, plant close to 800,000 plants that are already in the nurseries and give the port a pretty face.

Beach access specifications

For his part, the director of Public Works in Mazatlán, Rigoberto Arámburo Bojórquez, stated that the start of these three accesses is with own resources from 2023 and the work located on Sábalo Cerritos avenue, corner with López Portillo, next to the Hotel Torres , will have 499.73 square meters of sidewalk, 93.54 square meters of 40×40 basaltex floor and three concrete ramps in accordance with the accessibility standard.

“It will have landscaping, furniture, a storm drain, a retaining wall, stairs, bathrooms, showers, lighting, ramps for people with disabilities, three coatings that will improve the urban image of the city,” he emphasized.

Another point that will attack immediately will be to meet with the palaperos located throughout the Malecón, to set an established garbage collection schedule.

Source: Punto