Investments, constructions and more jobs, this is what Mazatlan lives


MAZATLAN. – Regarding private investment, Mazatlán continues to break it and this only means more employment.

According to statistics presented by the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that there are currently 126,675 registered jobs in Mazatlán, which represents a 5 percent increase in job occupation.

The economic sectors that generate the most employment are business services, commerce and the construction industry, while the subsector with the most registered jobs is “Building Construction”, followed by “Food Processing” and “Accommodation Services”.

From November 2021 to April 2023, a private investment of 30 thousand 57 million pesos was registered, with the tourism-real estate sector being the highest in terms of projects, as reported by the Mazatlan Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries.

Of a total of 101 projects, this tourism-real estate category has 67; from there they follow the one of house with 18, the commercial one with 11 and the industrial one with 5 projects.

The arrival of new properties does not stop and there are currently 14 hotels under construction, among these are Dreams Resort & Spa, Fiesta Americana Zona Dorada, Hotel IWA, Fiesta Inn, One and Esplendor by Wyndham giving a total of 1,973 more hotel rooms in Mazatlan; same that will be added to the 13 thousand 36 rooms that there are currently.

Condominiums and subdivisions

But, just as there are hotels, there are also condominiums and subdivisions under construction with a total of 149 and 35, respectively.

According to the statistics presented by SEDECTUR, there are a total of 252 lodging establishments, 188 5-star hotels, 18 motels and 46 cabins, villas and guest pensions.

These statistics were presented by the head of SEDECTUR, Martín Ochoa, at the symposium held by sixth-semester students of the CBTIS 51 Lodging Services Specialty to publicize the Great Sea of Cortez Aquarium as an innovative attraction.

Where new investments and projects in Mazatlan were highlighted, but with emphasis on this new tourist attraction of the port.

Rafael Lizárraga Favela, executive director of the Aquarium, offered the first keynote address: “We are full of life.”

Here it was highlighted that this tourist product (Great Aquarium) not only seeks to be a reference for those who visit Mazatlan, it also seeks to be a disseminator of environmental protection and work hand in hand with the scientific and academic community to continue disseminating knowledge about the sea.

Source: Punto