The García Luna case splashes, to the ‘Union Mazatlán Trust Board’ of the Central Park


The Attorney General of the Republic issues arrest warrants against 61 former officials and individuals headed by Genaro García Luna, former Secretary of Public Security, among whom are María and David Hernández Ramos, mother and uncle of the brothers of Juan José and Érick Ernesto Arellano Hernández, and Alfredo Arámburo Nájar, owner of the Algodoneros de Guasave baseball team, and with it sprinkles the “Union Mazatlán Trust Board”.

When Ernesto Coppel Kelly and Rodolfo Madero Rodríguez, among other Mazatlan businessmen, attended the laying of the first stone of the two Estelarhe towers project on July 1, 2021, as witnesses of honor, it was not the first time that both had coincided with his businessman friend Juan José Arellano Hernández, president of Grupo Arhe, promoter of “Dubai-style” hotels, but seven years ago they had already formed a “group of friends” from Mazatlán Central Park.

Coppel Kelly and Madero Rodríguez, served as president and vice president of the Board Committee of the Unión Mazatlán Trust (DFUM) integrated since 2014, with the objective of economically promoting Central Park.

The then governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel had attended the great event that predicted a “watershed” in the history of the hotel industry in Mazatlan, and former governor Juan Millán Lizárraga as an honorable guest, symbolizing that the political-business “regime” was closing ranks.

“It is an honor for the people of Mazatlan to witness this event, which symbolizes trust, the commitment to growth, development, job creation, and the project is beautiful, which is iconic and gives continuity to the first tower, which is the M Tower, more modern, more like Dubai”, assured the now Mexican ambassador in Spain.

On the DFUM list, Arellano Hernández from Grupo Arhe occupies number 10, escorted by his friends Luis Osuna Vidaurri and Sergio Pelayo Osuna, owners of Pastelería Panamá and Hotel Royal Villas, respectively.

The fish tank of the “Union Mazatlán Trust Directory” contains pure “big fishes” of the business class of the port, “philanthropists” who apparently, without expecting anything in return, took the risk of learning to swim among sharks with 12 rows of teeth! with the aim of promoting Central Park.

Ernesto Coppel Kelly, owner of the Pueblo Bonito Hotels, father of the Central Park project, is the president of the Technical Committee of the Unión Mazatlán Trust.

Rodolfo Madero Rodríguez, Grupo Alerta, owner of the Camino Al Mar Hotel, is the vice president of the aforementioned agency.

Javier Mercado Lizárraga, owner of the Café Marino company, former secretary of the economy of former governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the latter cousin of Neto Coppel, is part of the trio of members along with Yudith Estrada Osuna from PMM, and Óscar Sánchez Osuna from Dportenis.

Zerecero Velo “filter”

Guillermo Zerecero Velo, owner of Proyecta Network, is director of the mandate, who in July 2021, interviewed by Ríodoce, boasted about the filter that Mazatlan businessmen should go through, among other things, “we would know where the money comes from” the members of the Mazatlán Trust.

“Let me tell you, we put a filter, let’s say a requirement, for the people we were going to invite to participate in this trust.

—So that there would be trust— Zerocero was told.

—Yes, that there would be trust. Second, that they were the owners of their business, so that they did not have to ask permission to go out to a meeting. Third, that they had money, because you have to put money. Fourth, that we know where the money comes from.

—So that money doesn’t come in from someone who say: “Is that laundering money?

—Yes, so that there would not be that. Fifth, that he had already shown his interest in the city. In other words, they had already done things in favor of the city. Those are nothing more, very simple, with these characteristics there are many people, and thousands, and thousands and thousands here. Well, but we invite that group of friends.

The philanthropic “group of friends” mentioned by Zerecero Velo is also made up of Adrián Bastidas Bernal, from Constructora Grubsa; Perla Félix Millán, from Tostaditas Blancas; Alfonso Pelayo Osuna, from the Hotel Don Pelayo; and the brothers Rafael and Federico Domínguez Kelly, owners of Vitallantas. but someone slipped in.

Source: Riodoce