All about the artists of the Mazatlán Livestock Fair 2023


The Mazatlan Livestock Fair 2023 will be held from May 18 to June 4

MAZATLAN. – The 27th edition of the Mazatlán Livestock Fair Expo is ready to throw the house out the window! from May 18 to June 4, with the assistance of more than 50 thousand people from different parts of Sinaloa.

The appointment of this edition is the emblematic Bacanora ballroom, where there will be activities, both inside and on the esplanade, from horseback riding, mechanical games, the classic milk cow contest, rodeo, and concerts.

Access will cost 100 pesos from Monday to Thursday, and 200 pesos from Friday to Sunday…but, you should know that some concerts will have an extra cost, due to the magnitude of the artists.

On June 1, Livestock Day, the parade will take place, where the participation of more than 600 riders is estimated.

What am I entitled to by paying the ticket?

With the cost of the entrance, you will have the right to the mechanical games available and to the theater of the town.

Which artists will perform at the Mazatlán Livestock Fair 2023?

Well, here we tell you the dates and the artists who will be taking the stage:

The party starts on May 19 with the presentation of “Diferente Nivel”.

On May 20, José Ángel Ledezma “El Coyote” will perform to make young and old folks fall in love with his most ranchera romantic songs and the occasional corrido, melodies that have marked generations and that are still in force in the public’s taste.

For Sunday, May 21, “Los Únicos de México” will be presented.

On May 26, the “Hip Hop Expo” will arrive.

On May 27, Joel Elizalde will perform, to excite everyone with “oldie” songs, which surely made fell in love more than one couple.

For May 28, “Los Yonics” will appear.

The last days of the fair will close with high-level artists: on June 1, Banda Cohuich will perform; on June 2 Los Mendívil, and on the penultimate day the Vega Jr. Brothers will come out. While the great dance will say goodbye with the presentation of a surprise artist.

How much is the extra cost?

There will be some events that will have an extra cost during the Expo Feria Ganadera, such as the dance of El Coyote, Los Destructores and the surprise guest that will appear in the traditional rodeo and closing of the event on June 4.

For example, tickets for the presentation of El Coyote will range from 300 to 1,200 pesos.

Tickets for performances

Tickets can be purchased through the page. For more information you can contact 6699-326451.

Source: Punto