Education, the axis to eradicate discrimination against the LGBTIQA+ community


Activists in favor of the rights of the community and authorities carried out the first Municipal Forum to speak and propose actions against discrimination

MAZATLÁN.- The LGBTIQA+ activists and the municipal and state authorities agreed on one thing, that education is the central axis to eradicate homophobia, lesbophobia, transphobia, and biphobia, not only in Mazatlán but in the world.

This during the first Municipal Forum on the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, and Lesbophobia, where views were exchanged regarding discrimination, from the public, educational and private sectors.

Israel Tavera Posadas, municipal coordinator of Attention to the LGBTTTIQ+ Population in Mazatlán, mentioned that it is time to activate goodwill and direct society towards zero discrimination, hence the achievement of creating an office, the first with a constitutive act in Sinaloa in personalized attention.

“Education is a key element, tolerance and awareness towards the different forms of expression of all people regardless of their orientation and gender identity and in all areas, not only in the LGBT community but for all of society”, he stated.

The councilor Paulina Heredia Osuna, pointed out that it is time for society to eradicate discrimination towards the community, to open spaces for conversation where human rights issues are discussed and that, in Mazatlan, people live free, and thus be an example to Nacional level.

“This first municipal forum is part of the government’s actions to care for the LGBTIQA + community and they are actions that show respect for all people, regardless of their identity, preference or orientation,” she said.

The Municipal Coordination of Attention to the LGBTTTIQ + Population in Mazatlán, would be the first of its kind in all of Sinaloa, and it will provide orientation, training in schools, prevention and reception, in addition they will channel the compañeras, compañeros or compañeres with any problem and Reassign them to the correct dependency.

“There is discrimination among the community itself, we cannot cover the sun with one finger, due to preference and identity, education has to be managed at all levels and without education there are no society advances, and together if good actions can be generated”, said Tavera Posadas.

Also participating in the forum were Mariel Vega Yee, head of the sexual diversity department of the Women’s Secretariat; the activists Vicky Ibarra and Hazel Peraza, among others.

Homophobia does not stop in Sinaloa, they point out

For the Sinaloa Inclusive civil association, homophobia does not cease in the state and remains at alarm levels, increasing attacks of discrimination and hate crimes by up to 60 percent, according to the Sinaloa State Observatory on Hate Crimes.

Among the association’s proposals are the review of the investigation folders by the Sinaloa State Attorney General’s Office, of 22 people from the community that remain unresolved.

Also clean up public policies from the state government; the installation of the State Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination; as well as access to justice without discrimination.

Source: Punto