Mazatlan will fine 15,000 to 17,000 pesos truck driver who invaded the bike lane on Avenida del Mar


The company must cover the corresponding sanctions

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Deputy Director of Municipal Transit, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, announced that the driver of a cargo truck that this Tuesday afternoon caused damage to the boardwalk and bicycle lane was arrested and sent to the Railroad Court.

He explained that the unit took cargo to a construction located on Insurgentes Avenue, but since there were no favorable conditions for its entry and exit, the driver got on the bike path and sidewalk of the boardwalk, where he caused material damage, so the agent assigned to the area violated it and the unit was taken to the Citizen Security Center, waiting for the owner of the unit or a legal representative of the company to cover the damages and administrative sanctions.

The Transit Commander recalled that the mobilization of cargo in the city is mainly carried out through Gabriel Leyva and Mexican Army avenues at an established time, but that it is not allowed by the boardwalk, which could be given prior authorization for the driver to be aware of the roads that can be taken without affecting the passage of vehicles, or damage to the municipal infrastructure, as in this case.

Until the afternoon of this Wednesday, the cargo truck is still in the courtyards of the Citizen Security Center


The Mazatlan Post